Warm summer days

Summer is still really burning through here – very unlike Scandinavia! – I even got a  sunburn, but I love summer! Not only in RL, but also in SL –  all the beautiful, flowing fabrics, light furniture and everyone seem to be in a lot better moods too! <3 There are a lot of nice […]

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Raising the temperature

The heatwave is finally starting to disappear, where I live. For now at least. It’s been so boiling hot that it has felt like, I lived in the Middle East. Granted I don’t mind that at all, since I am fond of the Middle East, the countries and the rich history, architecture and culture. The […]

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Turning to the Light

When I first heard of mesh heads, I tried various different ones, but ended up setting my heart on Lelutka. I have it for as long as I can remember, and I loved it. But alas, my heart has been stolen by YS&YS’ skin “Danana,” she released at Shiny Shabby this month. I love the […]

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