She’s on her way..

Today is the last day of “The Book of Daniel” fundraising event, so head on over and support Daniel and Anais of Zerkalo, as Daniel is fighting for his life. Despite not knowing any of them on a personal level, this is something very close to my heart. Firstly, I’ve had cancer up and close in […]

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Mad Scientist

Imagine immortality. Science says it is not possible. Faith says death is not the finite end to the soul but only to the body. I say the dead won’t stay dead, anymore. I can fix the very thing all mankind fear in the end: Death. I can fix the dead… for a price. Mad? I’m not […]

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Just a little sparkle

September is upon us, bringing a ton of new events and releases, but for this post, I’ve chosen to keep it simple and elegant. Astralia released this amazing red carpet style photo backdrop at the Liaison Collaborative – I am normally not keen on backdrops, but I LOVE this one. It also comes with a […]

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