Mad Scientist

Imagine immortality. Science says it is not possible. Faith says death is not the finite end to the soul but only to the body. I say the dead won’t stay dead, anymore. I can fix the very thing all mankind fear in the end: Death. I can fix the dead… for a price. Mad? I’m not mad – I’m the future.

They won't stay dead


Featured: ~isil~ Science! Gacha Set by Isilmeriel Resident @ The Arcade – September 2016

There are 15 prizes in total and all items from the set is displayed in the laboratory.

~isil~ *Science!* Research Station RARE
~isil~ *Science!* Lab Bench (Shelf) RARE
~isil~ *Science!* Computer RARE
~isil~ *Science!* Beaker (Empty) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Beaker (Filled) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Biosafety Cabinet COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Erlenmeyer Flask (Empty) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Erlenmeyer Flask (Filled) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Graduated Cylinder (Empty) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Graduated Cylinder (Filled) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Lab Bench (Sink) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Microscope COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Oscilloscope COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Precision Scale COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Test Tube Rack COMMON

Note: Liquids within the beakers, flasks, and cylinders can all be color changed via menu. The Computer and Oscilloscope are both scripted to be turned on and off. The computer has an additional mode that turns the screen into a real media browser with a changeable homepage.

On Caleb:

Hair: [INK] Hair___SEED ::Platinum/White by nontroppo Torii
Goggles: Bauhaus Movement – Cody’s Goggles Fire Retexturized BLACK (Shiny Shabby Anniversary gift) by LouLou Teichmann
Gloves: .random.Matter. – Frankenstein Place – Gloves by Nikohl Hax (Frankenstein Place Gacha from The Arcade – September 2016)
Lab Coat: VRSION KONVERT 13 Male Jacket [FITTED MESH] White by Badon Rain
Transplated Heart: (Modified from) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Heart Cloche by Paco Pooley

Misc. Decorations:

Bloody Corpse by YagodkaY Resident
JL Tesla Coil Generator by Jingah Ling

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