Once Upon A Time…

… there was an adorable Princess, by the name of Nessy, who lived in a kingdom by the name of Wakanda.

The day had come, as each year, where Nessy was to celebrate her birthday. The King and Queen had invited all the Princes and Princesses to take part in the celebration of their little Princess.


The Kingdom stretched far and wide, the villages were prospering under the rule of the King and Queen…

Village entry

…and everyone were celebrating the little Princess’ big day.

Prince & Princess Photo Booth at Princess Nessy's Royal Ball

All the guests were dressed up in their finest attire, but there can be no birthday without a little fun…

Royal Tea

Not to mention one of Princess Nessy’s favorite things in the whole world: Food!

Royal Teaparty

The King and Queen made sure that no expense was spared and no guest would go home hungry.

Royal Cake

Cupcakes, cakes, tea and everything nice that belongs at a Royal Teaparty.

Royal Family

After a long, but wonderful day, the Princess waved goodbye to all her guests, and for many more years the little family, all it’s members and friends, would live happily ever after…




Botanical ~ Light Beam by Research Projects.

[Poetica] ~ Spring Meadow by Story Ordinary.

HPMD* ~ Garden Tree08 with Lights – green a by Sasaya Kayo.

Studio Skye ~ Rocky Cliffs by Alex Bader.

Studio Skye ~Fallen Tree Bridge Horizotal by Alex Bader.

JOMO ~ Pine by Xiaoduo Abbot.

TBF ~ Waterfall by Arduenn schwartzman.

Heart ~Wildwood Giant Oak Tree Forest Modules by Lilith Heart.



Bananan ~ Castle coulisse – Gacha garden SOI by Banana Mellow.

Bokeh ~ Party Props Table by Bokehstore.

:CP: ~ Boho Dreamtime Canopy Cloud by Isla Gealach.

:CP: ~ Dream Place Setting by Isla Gealach.

:CP: ~ Dream Wrought Iron – Tea Chair by Isla Gealach.

:CP: ~ Ethereal Arbour by Isla Gealach.

Death Row Designs ~Andolys – Cinderella’s carriage by Deathrowdesigns.

Death Row Designs – Andolys – Fantasylane special: Pinnochios by Jaimy Hancroft.

Death Row Designs – Andolys – Belles’ fountain by Jaimy Hancroft.

+Half-Deer+ ~ Blossoming Birdcage – Peachy Pink by Halogen Magic.

+Half-Deer+ ~ Climbing Rose Vine by Halogen Magic.

+Half-Deer+ ~ Fairylight Balloons – Hologram by Halogen Magic.

Kalopsia ~ Princess Castle by Isabeau Baragula.

[ keke ] ~ rez-day cake –  No 1 by Kean Kelly.

La Galleria ~ Louis XVI Console – White by Pamela Galli.

{Mango Cheeks} ~Take Flight: Sky [light] by Kelly Bellman.

{Mango Cheeks} ~ Take Flight: Mint [light] by Kelly Bellman.

O.M.E.N ~ Hansel + Gretel – Beauty & Beast rose cookies by Damascusvera.

O.M.E.N ~ Hansel + Gretel – Cinderella’s wedding cake by Damascusvera.

O.M.E.N ~ Hansel + Gretel – Little Mermaid Macarons – RARE  by Damascusvera.

O.M.E.N ~  Hansel + Gretel – Princess and  a pea roll by Damascusvera.

.*Paper Flowers* ~ Boost Me Up! by Arianaclaire.

[P] Pillows ~ Locked Away Castle by Viviari Omizu.

PILOT ~ Smores – Party Table – SnowWhite by Kaz Nayar.

-Pixicat- Bastet Chair RARE – gacha by Areve.

.Random.Matter. ~ Tea Time by Nikohl Hax.

Scarlet Creative ~ Distressed Lace Table (modified) by Charlotte Bartlett.

[SugaBees] ~ Wild Kingdom Castle Bounce House by Angell Quan.

-Tres Blah- ~ Soiree – Curtain Backdrop by Juliette Westerburg.

-Tres Blah- ~ Soiree – Gifts by Juliette Westerburg.

-tb- ~ Spring Living – Roses – RARE by Juliette Westerburg.

Trompe Loeil ~ Laney Dining Table – White by Cory Edo.

{vespertine}- Eclectic giftboxes by Amelie Knelstrom.

{vespertine}- Festive giftboxes by Amelie Knelstrom.

{vespertine}- Ladylike giftboxes by Amelie Knelstrom.

[ zerkalo ] ~ Vintage Tea Party –  Colorful by Daniel Estro.




On Aleriah:

Addams // Elizabeth Glooves by Malevola Addams.

Cae :: ~ Anna :: Rings by Caelan Hancroft.

Cae :: ~ Isabelle :: Collection by Caelan Hancroft.

*{Junbug}* ~ Baroque Pump [Mint] – Maitreya ~ gacha ~ NEW @ The Gacha Garden.

[LeLutka] ~ JOLIE_RM hair by Thora Charron.

Dress 1:

Apple May ~ Royalty Mesh Gown – Sky Blue by Apple May.

Lamu Fashion ~ Cinderella by Lamu Fashion.

=Zenith= ~ Cosy long Gloves by Miffyhoi Rosca.

Dress 2: The White Armory ~ New Beginnings Ballgown by Bee Dumpling.


On Caleb:

.Enfant Terrible. ~ Crown – RARE by leenfantterrible.

Exalted ~ Emir by Viland.

:Enigma: ~ Smuggler Belt Black by Damon Pinelli

EZ Weaponry & The Forge ~ [EZ] Longclaw -novo2.03 by Deccan Arida.


On Nessy:

Cae :: ~ Blossoming :: Tiara by Caelan Hancroft.

.::[ tinyOWL ]::. ~ t.O. Else Costume by Eliiana Aura.

Truth Hair ~ Carmela by Truth Hawks.



Spectiv Poses ~ Custom pose – Our little princess by Caleb Bryant.

{хoхo} poѕeѕ by xojessxo pexie.






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