We at Altid do accept review copies; however, gifted creations do not guarantee being featured on the blog. This blog is a personal space to showcase creations that we personally enjoy and/or endorse. What is published on our blog is a reflection of our own style and interests. While we do appreciate the kindness in a gift, we also reserve the decision of what is blogged on our website.

More often than not, we make our own poses for the photos displayed on the blog. If we do not make the pose ourselves, the creation will be credited. Credits are always listed within each post with 1) item name, 2) Store name, 3) creator name, and 4) event if applicable. We usually do not link slurls because locations are frequently changing and store locations are constantly moving whereas the creator’s legacy name does not change.

Caleb Bryant (CalebBryant Resident) specializes in men’s fashion and home decor while Aleriah (Lillbirdee Resident) features women’s fashion and is the fantasy/role play expert. We create our blog out of love for each other and out of creativity. We hope you enjoy our story.