Serve’s Up

Round 2! Aleriah got owned in last year’s basketball match so she challenged me to a game of tennis this time around. In this epic match up, it’s Denmark vs. US – and of course we are sporting our nation’s colors. This time, Aleriah’s the one doing all the tough talk, but can she beat me this time? Serve’s up!


Serve's Up

Game On

The air is tense as the match begins. It’s only fitting to cue some cinematic effects for just how intense this match is. Might as well add that cinematic voice-over we all know and love during the movie trailer for the epic anticipation.


Where beauty meets unparalleled technique, Denmark’s finest is determined to show “that cocky nub” the taste of defeat. With nothing to lose, but everything to prove, Aleriah puts her skills to the test with unmatched focus.

“That cocky nub” has the strength of a train. Running full speed ahead and never looking back at all the opponents he leaves in the dust, America’s most okay-est tennis player plows through these matches swing after swing… after swing. Can Denmark beat pure power?


K.O.! Denmark wins! Aleriah does her victory shout that may have been something like “EAT MY DUST, YOU COCKY NUB!” Or it may have been “You’re still the best to me, baby!” But then again, I was too flustered to have admitted defeat.


But, really… I’m still the winner because I got the best prize of all – her.


Featured: DaD DESIGN ” FatPack Tennis Court” by sheerpetal Roussel @ Shiny Shabby

Items are sold separately, but the fatpack includes:

COUPLE & SINGLE POSES (not used in this blog post)

Astralia – Tennis Collection by Astralia Resident @ Shiny Shabby

Decorative items include:

Astralia – Decorative tennis bleachers (High LI)
Astralia – Single Tennis ball (wear)
Astralia – Tennis balls (rezz)
Astralia – Tennis balls basket
Astralia – Tennis balls tube
Astralia – Tennis Court chair
Astralia – Tennis Court umbrella
Astralia – Tennis Racket (Black, Blue, Red, Pink)

Misc. Decorations:

REPRESENT – Duffle Bag “White” by Representer Resident
[Bad Unicorn] Water Bottle & Towel by badunicorn Resident
[Bad Unicorn] X7 Smartphone by badunicorn Resident

On Caleb:

Shirt: ::GB::Tennis polo shirt (Signature) Red&White by Takuya Jinn @ Shiny Shabby
Shorts: ::GB::Tennis Half pants (Signature) Navy & White by Takuya Jinn @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: [ VERSOV ] ASTOROV_White&Grey by versov Resident

On Aleriah:

Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Smash Tennis Dress – Red by Kiddo Oh
Hair with Visor: Truth Hair – Olympia by Truth Hawks
Shoes:  Reign – Arianna Sneakers by KenadeeCole

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