Shirts vs. Skins

Aleriah challenged me to a game of one on one basketball to see who’s got the most skills (with balls) – wink wink. Please – we all know who’s the king (of balls). To show her she is up against a legend, we’re shooting some hoops and keeping it real with some streetball. You bet there was some harmless trash talkin’ going! But talk is cheap – let’s see who’s got the moves.

Show me what you've got
This is how we do it

Yep. And that’s how the score was settled with me as the reigning champion. I would have accepted a trophy for the victory, but I got something way better – a kiss.

Ok, maybe we both win


Featured: [Bad Unicorn] Hoops Gacha Set by badunicorn Resident @ The Epiphany

There are 15 prizes in total, but only a few from the set is displayed on the court.

[Bad Unicorn] Cage Court RARE
[Bad Unicorn] Water Bottle & Towel
[Bad Unicorn] “Orange” Basketball (wear)
[Bad Unicorn] No Ball Games Sign
[Bad Unicorn] “Pink” Sports Bottle
[Bad Unicorn] “Blue” Sports Bottle
[Bad Unicorn] Bleachers

On Caleb:

Pants: AMERIE M – Jersey Pants(Gray) by Amerie Spitteler
Sweatbands: flow . Wrist by Brady McKeenan
Shoes: FLite.-OG 4s -Fear- by LiamCole Resident

On Aleriah:

Tank Top: Addams // Rita Top by AmaliaRainwood Resident
Shorts: Blueberry – Conie – Sporty Shorts by Blueberryxx Resident
Shoes: [VALE KOER] Tippytoe Chucks by Bob Resident @ Uber
Hair: Truth Hair Honey by Truth Hawks

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