Regrets or Indulgence?

Finished making a nice brunch for the boyfriend and I – you know what they say, “the way to a mans’ heart is through his stomach,” and I do so enjoy spoiling my man. ♥ I am all ready to dig into the delicious food – but it seems Caleb has other ideas of what […]

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Every girl needs a little pampering and luxury once in a while, and Erratic definitely helps providing just that with this beautiful satin robe, that she released at Uber today ♥ It is just the kind of robe, I’ve been actively searching for on the marketplace and in various stores in the two years, I’ve […]

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Behind closed doors

I bet that many men wonder what goes on in a girls room, when she’s alone. Here’s a little insight! Dead Dollz has released a lovely vintage-looking underwear set for this months’ Shiny Shabby, Apt B released a cute girly vintage furniture set, and there’s lots of other great things to be found at the event […]

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