Warm summer days

Summer is still really burning through here – very unlike Scandinavia! – I even got a  sunburn, but I love summer! Not only in RL, but also in SL –  all the beautiful, flowing fabrics, light furniture and everyone seem to be in a lot better moods too! <3 There are a lot of nice releases at this round of Uber, but here are my first choices. Truth has released an adorable, wavy hair that falls so lovely around the shoulders. (I had to fatpack as always). It truly gives me that light, warm and fuzzy summer feeling, and it really brings a smile to my face. Just my kind of hair style. <3 =Zenith= keeps taking my money, or well, I give them up very, very freely. This beautiful, breezy summer dress comes in a wide array of colors  as usual – and this time, you get three dresses for 350$Ls! Who knows, maybe we’ll have =Zenith= fatpacks soon! I’d love that, and I am sure, many of you would too! The white dress, I am displaying here comes with red and black in the package too!

Warm summer days


Caboodle~ Floral Headband by Erovi.

Cae :: Aster :: Bracelet by Caelan Hancroft @ Cae main store.

Cae :: Daisy :: necklace by Caelan Hancroft @ Cae main store.

Truth Hair ~ Thea – Light browns by Truth Hawks ~ NEW @ Uber.

=Zenith= Beach Fishnet Dress – white by Miffyhoi Rosca ~ NEW @Uber.

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